Exams & Maintenance

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To maintain the optimum performance of your dentures, you need to care for them. They are, after all, an investment that requires your complete attention. How well your dentures fit will affect your oral tissues and health. To help ensure your denture is functioning as it should, we recommend an annual examination at Alvin Smiles.

Dental and Medical History


To maintain your oral health and wellbeing, it’s critical to regularly update your medical and dental history. So many medical and dental conditions could have an impact on how dentures fit.

Oral examination


Visiting your dentist once a year can help in detecting oral abnormalities, including lesions that currently are or may become cancerous. Detecting these conditions early is beneficial for treatment and overall health.

Bone and Tissue


Dentures that don’t fit well may cause changes in bone and tissue. They’ll have to be corrected to benefit your oral health. We can assess and recommend solutions that fit your particular needs.

Integrity, Fit, and Comfort of Dentures


An ill-fitting denture can cause bite problems, tissue irritations, and speech impediments. This is a problem that needs to be remedied. If left unchecked, this condition can lead to future complications. Our dental professionals will examine and assess your dentures, looking for chips, cracks, and broken and loose teeth, in order to offer constructive suggestions on how to move forward.

Exam Overview


  • Update of dental medical history chart
  • Oral cavity examination
  • Bone and tissue assessment
  • Bite examination and denture stability
  • Polishing and cleaning your denture
  • Review of oral hygiene

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