Rebase & Repairs

denture repairs being done in Alvin Texas

Rebasing may be a viable option to consider when the teeth of your denture are still not worn out compared to the denture base material. Rebasing is the process that results in a stable denture without replacing the denture teeth. This is accomplished by replacing the entire acrylic denture base. The only difference between rebasing and relining is that a rebase replaces all the pink-acrylic denture base material instead of just replacing the lining.


Reason to proceed with rebasing may include:

  • Damaged or broken denture
  • Old or weakened pink denture base
  • An immediate denture that requires replacement

Denture Repairs


Many circumstances can lead to a damaged denture that should be cared for as soon as possible. These kinds of repairs restore a fractured or damaged denture as close as possible to its original condition. At Alvin Smiles, we provide denture repair procedures on the same day. The professionals at Alvin Smiles will assess the condition of your dentures and make recommendations to avoid further damage.

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