Soft Liners

Bottom dentures at dental clinic

A soft liner is a soft layer of a pliable material that’s placed between your denture and oral tissues. A soft liner will absorb shocks between the hard base of your denture and your gums. Soft liners may be used when developing new dentures or reassembled into existing dentures.


For patients with receded and flattened gums that have not responded well to dentures, permanent soft liners may provide some comfort. For patients with chronically sore gum tissues or gums with sharp and bony areas, these types of liners may also provide a suitable solution.


  • A higher level of comfort
  • Well received by virtually all patients
  • Chewing becomes easier
  • Proven technology with 20+ years of innovation


Soft liners require patients to regularly scheduled follow-up appointments with their Alvin Smiles dentists to examine the fit of dentures and assess their general oral health.

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